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Labor and Meretz Merger , Jan 13 2020

Contact: Hadar Susskind
HATIKVAH Campaign Director

HATIKVAH Congratulates Labor and Meretz on Merger

The HATIKVAH: Progressive Israel Slate congratulates the Labor and Meretz parties on their decision to run together in the upcoming Israeli elections. “Just as forming the HATIKVAH Slate for the World Zionist
Congress elections has unified and strengthened the progressive Jewish voice in America, we hope that the merger of Labor and Meretz will do so in Israel” said Hadar Susskind, Campaign Director for HATIKVAH.

By bringing together leaders who support a two-state solution and are working to build an Israel that lives up to the progressive values of its founders, Meretz and Labor echo the voices of the HATIKVAH Slate and
the vast majority of American Jews. We wish them the best of luck as they follow their path together.

“We look forward to working in close partnership with our Israeli colleagues from Labor and Meretz once we are seated in the World Zionist Congress” said Susskind.


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